We all deserve to be seen

I believe that there is a lot of beauty in all of us, if only we dare to be truly ourselves. We easily drift into criticizing our appearance by comparing ourselves to others. When we dare to let go, we are all wonderful individuals. And we all deserve to be seen. 

Don't get me wrong. I too get a little lost sometimes. I don't always like what I see in the mirror and there are days that I don't even feel like getting out of bed. All those feelings are allowed and welcome because they make us human beings. They makes us relatable and authentic. We all have our highs and lows and that's the beauty of life. Let's welcome those feelings with open arms.

Having said that, I don't mean that beauty is all about the looks. To me, beauty is so much more than that. It's how you treat people and consider their feelings. How you carry yourself and give yourself credit. How you smile and make eye contact. How you take care of your loved ones and make sure they are okay. How you pursue your dreams and listen to your heart. How you are your authentic self, regardless of what others think.


Photography is my tool

to tell stories

I am drawn to people and their stories. They fascinate me. I get so much energy from having insightful conversations, connecting with people on a deeper level and seeing their eyes light up when they talk about something meaningful to them. I am definitely the listener type and I observe people's body language and facial expressions a lot. Those little details make my soul smile and heart flutter. Those detals add some extra spice to the personality.

Photography is my tool to tell stories. To tell your story. To show the inner spark in you that I see.  As an experience, being photographed can be a truly empowering,  liberating and self-esteem-boosting for both of us. It can also be extremely fun when we dare to break free for a little playfulness and a sense of adventure.

I would recommend everybody to spend a moment or two in front of the camera. It's something worth experiencing, definitely!


My approach

The way I photograph is simple. I am a storyteller so I don't create big set-ups and perfectly planned and posed images. Instead, I document. I focus on you, your moods, emotions and ways of expressing yourself.

The shoot flows naturally as we move, talk, laugh and have fun together. My goal is for you to forget about the camera and just be there as you, without being reserved. I will also direct you gently through the session.

I like to create different vibes in the photographs. We can for example look for something pure, sensitive and atmospheric or bohemian, wild and free. Or something totally different. I will give ideas and gladly receive them too. I will also take into account any wishes and inspirational images. 

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WEDDING photography
Documenting one of the most important days of your life


To me the genuine, real moments and the emotions experienced in them make the story valuable. That's why I put all my energy into capturing them. Of course, I also photograph beautiful details and nicely arranged decorations, but the star of the story is the wedding couple and their guests.

I like to walk aroud the venue, observe people and photograph without them even noticing. It's the best way to document authentic moments. When the bestman say's something funny and everyone bursts into laughter. When the bride's father talks about his daughter with tears in his eyes, and it makes the guests emotional too. When the beast in unleashed on the dance floor and everyone is giving their best moves. I'm sure you get my point. Those are the moments I document. They are meaningful. They are personal and they make the story complete.

When in comes to the portrait session, I will of course give ideas, aim for certain emotional states and direct you through the shoot, but the goal is to get the natural and unposed looking photos. I am there to be your friend, to cheer and inspire you and give my full support. 

After having photographed almost 80 weddings, they still feel very special to me. I still get emotional during them and sometimes I shed a few tears behind the camera. I love love.


Let me tell the story you are writing.


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